Super User

Super User


1) Vibrant Framework: Airlands specializes in and develops its client web sites in the vibrant CMS framework - Joomla.

2) Design: An appealing CMS template with proper content layout and pleasant color scheme to suit your industry/ product style.

3) Responsive Style

4) Site on-page optimization (SEO): meta tagging

5) Social Media Integration

6) Content Management

7) Contact Form

8) Google Analytics

9) Support for hosting, email set-up, content update


About Us

Airlands Worldwide, a web solutions provider, caters to the needs of all companies and entities that require a web site. A web site is a digital display of your products and services. A web site with just a design stands as a display. A web site developed in a vibrant framework and powered with on-page optimization, content management, and analytics is a web solution - Airlands Worldwide provides web solution.

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